PromoCode Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is PromoCode?

PromoCode is a 12-digit code that can be used as betting credit and is issued as a promotion or competition.

2. Where can I get the PromoCode?

You can get the PromoCode as part of reward for selected promotions and/or events.

3. How can I redeem my PromoCode?

  1. Under the deposits page, you will find the deposit option “PromoCode”.
  2. Please enter the 12-digit PromoCode and click on 'Submit'.
  3. The next screen will indicate whether your PromoCode voucher has been redeemed or not.
  4. If successful, you will receive the message 'The PromoCode voucher has been redeemed'.
  5. The amount will immediately be available in your account to use.
  6. Depending on the type of PromoCode, it will either be credited to as part of your account balance, a bonus credited to your account or appear in the bet slip as a FreeBet.

4. How and where can I play using the PROMOCODE?

PromoCodes are usually product specific and will be outlined in the promotion specific Terms and Conditions. Certain wagering requirements, restrictions or limitations may apply as outlined in promotion specific Terms and Conditions.

PromoCode Freebets are valid for both traditional and live sports bets but cannot be used for multiple events/bets.

5. Can I use the same PromoCode more than once?

No, you can only redeem the voucher once in your account.

6. How many PromoCodes can I redeem?

Only one PromoCode per campaign/promotion can be redeemed unless otherwise stated in the specific Terms and Conditions of the promotion.

7. How long is code valid? When does the code expire?

The validity of the PromoCode may vary from each promotion/campaign. This will be outlined in the promotion specific Terms and Conditions or as communicated.

The below points are specific to BETMGM US labels.

1. I have not reached my deposit limit. Why am I unable to make a deposit?

It’s possible that you may have reached the limit based on a deposit you made in another state. All BetMGM deposits are included when we apply the Responsible Gaming Deposit Limit to your account. The total of all deposits cannot exceed the limit that you have specified.

2. Why is the deposit time displayed on the Payment History page different from the time I made the deposit?

All deposits are displayed in EST (Eastern Standard Time).